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 Reliable Retrim.  Melbourne's Cost effective Motorcycle seat upholstery and Auto upholstery centre 
Motorcycle seat customising specialist.

Combining  Car, Boat, Truck, Motorcycle, Caravan, Upholstery and Minor Seat repairs.
Motor car upholstery can be very uncomfortable and look untidy.
Seat upholstery or Seat customizing for Cars, Motorcycles,  Motor scooters, and Trucks have helped many customers achieve the look or comfort they require.
We alter and Hand craft seats and Saddles when appropriate to suite individual Motorcycle riders. This may also increase there Riding comfort on Motorbikes that have miss matched seating profiles.
( For some riders.)
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We also do minor Motorcycle seat repairs. Boat seat upholstery, Boat hoods, Bimini covers, Boat covers.
They all break down over years of use in our harsh weather and could use a little TLC.
Truck seat upholstery
and Passenger vehicles tend to get in a poor state due to there constant use and neglect from our hectic life styles.
Most vehicles in time need some sort of Upholstery repair service.
Some Trim repairs may be very minor Tears in the seat or in the surrounding trims. 
Upholstery repairs may take 1 day off the road in some cases. We like to keep  your vehicle off the road to a bare minimum.
Canopy repairs can be done in canvas or other materials as required.
Trailer covers, Ute canopies, Tonneau covers, Boat covers, can all be manufactured from a choice of materials to stand up to our climate.

Some repairs can be same day service when possible.
Other more extensive Upholstery requirements become 2 days or more.

We replace or recover, Carpets, Roof linings, Vinyl Roofs, Soft Tops, Cloth Inserts ,Hot rod Upholstery, Leather Upholstery,
Ute Tonneau Covers, 4 Wheel Drive Aluminium tray canopies,
Tray Tonneau covers, Hoods,

Spray hoods, Bimini covers, Dash Recovering, Vinyl Welding,
Seat frames Repaired.

After market seat covers
supplied by the customer is a good option if needed quickly. It can be fitted by appointment by our Seat cover service department. Same day service if required and when possible.

 Auto Upholstery repairs can assist in reducing aching back problems and numbness in the legs.
Some seats over time sag and become very uncomfortable. This can create unfavourable conditions for long distance and every day driving or riding a motorcycle.
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Small jobs can end up big jobs.

Motorcycle seats can be very uncomfortable, seat alterations or custom motorcycle seat alterations have helped many riders. We hand craft your seats and saddles where and if appropriate to suite individual riders.
This is often done by seat foam reshaping or other seat alterations depending on your requirements. This may also be achieved by foam replacement or other methods for a comfortable motorcycle seat.

Some textured vinyl's we use in recovering seats are classed as no slip and help reduce passenger and rider from slipping forward to some extent.
We also lower seats and reshape them for the rider that may be a little short in the leg.
 Making some seats wider on dirt bikes and rear passenger seats wider for
more comfort. 
We also add extra seat height for taller riders that don't like sitting low in the saddle.
Not all motorbikes are suitable for seat modifications. They still may require seat repairs or replacement seat covers due to  harsh weather.

Motorcycle seat repairs
, Motor scooter seat repairs and some upholstery can  take as little as 2 days in some cases.
After market seat covers
or reproduction seat covers supplied by the customer can be a good option if needed quickly.
It can be fitted by appointment by our seat cover service department.
Same day service when possible.

Motor scooters
are very popular now and have increased in sales over the last few years. Seats on some motor scooters can be a little (high) or (low) for riders and may need to be reworked, Raised, Reshaped or lowered.
Some females have had great benefit from lowering the seat and creating a better sense of stability.  This gives more control of the scooter when stationary at intersections and on slight slopes.
The seats can also be colour co-ordinated to enhance the over all look if required. If you have any questions about what you may like changed or altered on your seat.
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0412 546227
5 East Street Hadfield
Melbourne Victoria 3046

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